Content Modeling for Marketers: Making Your Content Work Harder, So You Don’t Have To

As content creators we tend to focus on the creative part: the killer headline, compelling lede, witty turn of phrase. But by writing within the structure of a well-crafted content model, you can create content that not only serves your audience—but also supports a scaleable, connected content experience. It’s like a job description for your content! Just as a recipe starts with the end in mind and then outlines the ingredients and how to put them together, a content model details all the building blocks of your content and how they go together so things work the way they should. So if the idea of creating content in a spreadsheet or software tool makes you uncomfortable, fear not. You can “write inside the lines” and still be creative. In this session you’ll get practical tips for building simple, easy-to-use content models that provide:

Take Aways

  • Clarity: content purpose and parameters
  • Consistency: across creators, assets and channels
  • Connection: form to function, design to development, wireframes to words

Episode 6 - Content Models
Location: Date: 06/04/2022 Time: 15:35 - 16:05 Carmen Hill, Content Strategist & Writer, Chill Content, LLC