How to Be Creative in Ways That No AI Can

What’s the one human, cognitive skill that is guaranteed to increase in value as Artificial Intelligence (AI) advances? It’s not programming or software engineering, or even mastery of the code behind AI algorithms. It’s creativity – a human quality so distinctive, differentiating and valuable that it actually becomes more important the closer that technology comes to mimicking it.

If we’re to thrive in the age of AI, we have to explode some of the mystique that marketing and other professions have built up around creativity. Because myths they definitely are. Although creativity is not a technical skill related to a specific task, tool or role, it is most definitely a skill. It can be developed, practiced and enhanced. And if we want to thrive as marketers in the age of AI, that’s exactly what we need to do. It’s not enough to shrug that we weren’t born particularly creative and settle for just going through the motions in our profession. Creativity is our unique selling point in the age of AI – and part of that unique selling point is that we have to keep pushing ourselves to keep thinking differently; to keep raising the bar.

Take Aways

  • Learn how to focus your creativity where it matters
  • How to recognize the value of creativity
  • Learn to define the role of creativity in what you do
  • How to stay inspired and control your inner critic

Episode 3 - Creativity
Location: Date: 09/02/2022 Time: 15:35 - 16:05 Jason Miller, Senior Director, Brand Marketing, ActiveCampaign