Live Expert Deep Dive – Storytelling


During Episode 1, on 12 January 2022, we welcomed 2 experts for the deep dive on Storytelling.

Sonja Nisson(UK),  expert and author who wrote the first UK book on Content Marketing, Valuable Content Marketing, and founded The School of Valuable Content.

Carlijn Postma (NL), Founder of Content Marketing Agency The Post, speaker and author of several marketing books. Her last book, Binge Marketing, is also accompanies with a choice of practical courses.

This Episode of Content Marketing World is focussed completely on Storytelling, starting with a demonstration of storytelling with Carlijn’s Content Marketing World break-out session. The live deep-dive with Sonja and Carlijn focussed on three main topics of Storytelling:

  • Understanding what Storytelling is and what the benefits are for marketing
  • The mechanics of Storytelling: methodologies, frameworks etc.
  • The organizational element of getting buy-in from senior management to adopt Storytelling in marketing

You can watch the full episode here.

The experts shared a few tips for further reading, watching and listening on this topic. You will find the links below:

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Episode 1 - Storytelling
Location: Date: 12/01/2022 Time: 16:05 - 16:45 Sonja Jefferson – Nisson (UK) Carlijn Postma (NL)