(time TBC) Managing Up: The Complete Guide for the Procrastinating Writer

For writers, nothing is worse than a blinking cursor and a blank page. For procrastinating writers, that blinking cursor comes with the added dread of missing deadlines and an unhappy manager. This session isn’t about stopping procrastination, because let’s be honest – if there was a magic way to make it stop you probably would have found it long ago. But there are things you can do to both alleviate your anxiety and keep the higher-ups content.

  • Simple tactics you can use to keep your manager happy and show progress
  • Strategies that will help you get unstuck and temper that looming sense of dread
  • And when all else fails – ways you can manage expectations when it’s clear that you’ll blow past that deadline.

Episode 7 - Content in E-commerce
Location: Date: 15/09/2022 Time: 15:35 - 16:05 Inbar Yagur, VP Marketing, GrowthSpace